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LUXURY LOFT CONVERSIONS in Bournemouth, Poole & Christchurch

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Our Bournemouth based team are fully equipped to see every type of loft conversion through to successful completion, so you are left with a fully functional space. Whether you wish to add extra bedrooms to your home, or an extra space to work, relax or study, our loft conversions are guaranteed to add value to your home. Our team and contractors located from Poole to Christchurch and the surrounding areas will work to cause you as little disruption as possible, and to complete your bespoke attic conversion to the highest standard. 

Our in-house architectural technician will tailor your loft space to offer ample storage solutions in awkward, unused eves. We design luxury en-suite bathrooms and bespoke wardrobes to maximise the functionality of your space. We create brand new rooms custom designed for you whilst taking the greatest of care to protect your home. 

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Types of custom loft conversions we create include:

-    Roof light/Velux conversions – Quick to build, this method of converting attics includes energy efficient skylights, while maintaining the shape of your existing roof. 

-    Dormer conversions – If you have an angled roof, a dormer loft conversion attaches an additional window structure that juts out from the roof. It creates more space and lets natural light into the room. 

-    Hip-to-gable conversions- this maximises space in sloped roof structures by converting a sloping roof into a vertical structure. It creates more usable floor space, and room to stand upright. 

-    Mansard conversions – A common choice for extending the back of the house, these loft conversions include a horizontal roof that adds spacious rooms to the house. 

-    L-shaped conversions – A more complex method of converting a loft, this includes two dormer builds that are made to join together. The result is an L-shaped lay-out.

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